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Farmer’s Market

There hasn’t really been all that much time for knitting lately, and what has been knit hasn’t been photographed. But I did start the sweater! I’ve knit 4 1/2″ already.

I also finished the first of the “Composed (or not so composed?) Mitts”, but alas, photographs lack there as well. I’m about halfway through the second mitten, so when I finish up the pair, I’ll take some pictures.

However, what has been lacking in knitting has been made up for in baking. Last weekend, my friend and I tried selling baked goods at a Farmer’s Market. It went really well — so well that we’re doing it again tomorrow!

We baked A LOT. We had molasses cookies, pumpkin loaf and pumpkin muffins, cinnamon-cardamom cookies,

9.29.07 #3

9.29.07 #2

9.29.07 #4

And last, but most certainly not least, croissants.

9.29.07 #5

I still kind of can’t believe that I actually made croissants. Good ones, too. Now I feel like I can really call myself a baker!

9.29.07 #6


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Swatching, Really!

Despite all my excitement about knitting a yoke sweater, and despite the fact that I’ve had the yarn for nearly a week now, I’m only just about to cast on. Because what have I been doing? Swatching! (No, not for the entire week.)

First, I decided to wind the yarn. Not in my usual ball-winding way, but as a center pull ball wound on a nostepinne. Admittedly, this wasn’t for any particular reason, save that I’ve never done it before. My eagerness to try this was only slightly hampered by the lack of an actual nostepinne in my life. After a thorough search for suitable stand-ins, I found a paintbrush. Problem solved.


Once I had some of it wound, I began the swatching. The whole concept of “proper swatching” is, I have to say, quite new to me. I’ve swatched in the past — swatched quite a bit, in fact, but the entire 4 inches or more has always seemed a bit extreme. And I’ve never washed swatches before, either (I know, I know. I’m terrible). But this time, I decided, I was going to do it right.

I’ll admit that I was partially inspired to do this by Ysolda’s post on swatching, where she explains an easy way to swatch stockinette in the round. So I did it. I tried three different needle sizes, just to be sure on which I liked the best. I’m glad I did, because I initially thought I’d be using size 8s, but in the end, I think I’ve settled on size 7s.

So it should begin soon. I’m definitely planning on and looking forward to casting on tomorrow night, so we’ll see how far it gets this weekend!

By the way, I also made some cookies the other night!


Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. They’re really good, but the only thing is that they got stale really, really quickly. They were in plastic and everything, but by the second day, they’d become very hard. It’s a mystery, but I guess it’s not that bad of one — they’re just a bit crunchier now.

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Danish Oat Loaf

This past Monday I decided that I wanted to do something to celebrate the last hours of summer. So as a last hurrah before school started up again, I decided to bake some bread. Usually I’m more a fan of bread that needs to rise at least overnight, but since I wasn’t going to be home the next day, I went for a quicker bread. After some deliberation on what should be the bread for my veritable last supper, I settled on the Danish Oat Loaf (Havrebrød), from The Great Scandinavian Baking Book.

Danish Oat Loaf 1

It turned out really, really well! Almost half the loaf was eaten before it even cooled down.

Danish Oat Loaf 2

It’s all gone by now, unfortunately. But perhaps… Maybe I’ll go preheat the oven…

Danish Oat Loaf 3

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