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Spinning Away

When I first got the fall issue of Interweave Knits, there were so many things I wanted to knit in it. The first thing I cast on for was the Tyrolean stockings, then the hat part of the Nomad Hat (maybe I’ll post pictures of these later). But there was something else I wanted to knit, desperately. These.


The Composed Mitts. But then, at the same time, not the Composed Mitts. It wasn’t the mittens themselves that I was enamoured with, but the idea of them. I wanted mittens with lots of colorwork that I could just sort of make up as I went along.

So what to do, but start spinning?

Spun Yarn #1

I had, conveniently enough, the perfect roving for the mittens. I’d gotten a bag filled with little dyed batts of Merino roving from Mielke’s Fiber Arts when I went to Wisconsin this summer.

I also had some roving from another fiber farm I’d gone to, so I spun up some of that as well. I’m dying to know what kind of wool it is — the woman wasn’t completely sure, but she thought it might be shetland. It doesn’t really feel like any shetland I’ve ever seen before, but maybe it is? I guess I’ll just have to settle on its being wool. (By the way, I’m excusing the woman her lack of knowledge of her own fiber due to the immense joy of seeing a house with a pen of Angora goats out front and 25 acres of sheep out back. To say nothing of Larry, the eggroll-eating Llama. But then, that’s a whole other story.)

Spun Yarn #2

Now that I’ve gotten all the wool spun up for the mittens, I can’t wait to start on them!


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